About Us

We are a streetwear company founded by a brother and sister team (Trent and Jessie) in 2022. We believe in looking fresh and giving off good vibes. Our apparel features simple yet striking graphical designs inspired by a blend of retro 70's aesthetics, the modern skate scene, and street culture.


I'm someone who's passionate about sneakers, streetwear, art, and collecting vinyl records. Ever since I was young, I've been doodling and creating artwork. One of my aspirations is to design streetwear that features simple graphic designs that reflect my personal style.

I appreciate simplicity and try to incorporate that into my work, which is often influenced by street culture, vintage magazines, and the sneaker scene. In my free time, I love to unwind and listen to vinyl records. I have an affinity for both retro and alternative music. My favorite musical artists are Elvis, Green Day, and Billie Eilish.


From early on, I realized that creativity was my forte. Photography, noodling on the guitar, enjoying music, and design are all things that make me happy. Burnsvalley is a special project close to my heart because it allows me to share my passions with the world through a single online store.

On a perfect day off, I would start with a huge savory breakfast while listening to some of my favorite tunes. Followed by a hike in nature with my camera and to end the day, a chill Mario Kart game night with my wife and a few close friends. My favorite bands are The Offspring, Tycho, and Metallica.

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